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Glass protection
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GSR, Inc.

Whatever the issue with your glass, let our expert technicians provide the knowledge and experience to deliver your cost effective solution, on time and on budget.
Beyond just repairing glass graffiti, we can protect your glass with a tough, clear film that protects the surface of glass. The most cost effective solution to keeping glass graffiti free.

An alternative to expensive glass replacement. 

Vandalism Repair

Let our professional technicians evaluate your damaged glass.

Construction Damage

Temporary glass protection & damage repair on the jobsite.

Window Films

Advanced laminations for safety, security, graffiti, solar tint, view control and more.

Solar Control Tint

Solutions for excess heat gain, glare, fading, skin and eye damage.

Graffiti Protection

The best strategy for dealing with glass vandalism.

View Control & Decorative Films

Available in a variety of styles, patterns, shades and opacities, these films offer privacy, security and aesthetics.

Mineral Deposits

Water spot and hard water stain removal.

Safety & Security

For people, merchandise & premises.

Every year United States businesses spend millions of dollars replacing vandalized and otherwise damaged glass, a huge waste of money and resources and a not a very green prospect either. Contact the Bay Area's most experienced glass restoration and laminating professionals. Serving all of the San Francisco Bay Area with our mobile service since 1996.

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