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Construction Damage

Temporary Protection and Repair

Construction damage glass repair on stair skirt
Glass polishing process
When you need help 



Project managers and construction superintendents know that manufacturing defects, blemishes from handling, subcontractor damage or cleaning scratches to the brand new glass on their jobsite can wreak havoc with the budget and schedule.

Make no mistake, protecting glass during construction is vastly superior to repairing it after damage occurs. Attempts to remove stucco residue, concrete splatter, paint or joint compound can destroy tens of thousands of dollars of glass in a few hours. We can install a temporary film on glass both interior and exterior to protect it from most such damage during construction. Upon completion of the project this film can be easily peeled away to reveal clean, factory fresh glass.

Should your glass become damaged on the job, having an experienced repair professional to call on can give you the peace of mind and information needed to move forward in dealing with an otherwise bad situation. 


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