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Vandalism Protection

The best strategy for dealing with glass vandalism? Protection!


Sometimes damage in glass cannot be repaired. When it can be repaired it's almost always more expensive than replacement of graffiti protective film. That is why glass at risk from vandalism needs a better solution. Clear, tough graffiti protective films are the best strategy for dealing with glass graffiti. 


Once scratched, the sacrificial layer of film can be quickly and economically replaced to return the glass to as-new condition and continued protection. 

As an added bonus the film can help hold the glass together in the event of breakage keeping people safe from broken glass and making it harder to break through for illicit entry. 


UV inhibitors in the film block 99% of ultraviolet light, helping to reduce fading, sun damage and protect people from these rays which are dangerous to eyes and skin. 


Stainless steel elevator panels, restroom partitions, plastic laminate panels and other smooth surfaces can be protected as well. 


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