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Glass Safety & Perimeter Security 

Modern building codes call for safety glass, either tempered or laminated, to be installed in certain areas.  Even these legal codes may not go far enough in requiring safety glass in all critical areas. Buildings more than thirty years old may not have any safety glass installed and could be a danger in an earthquake, storm, explosion should a human body come in contact with broken glass.  A retrofit installation of clear safety film can meet ANSI Z97.1 standards (regarding cutting and piercing injuries when glass is broken by human contact), protect people after glass breakage and can also help keep a broken panel together and up inside itʼs frame. Great reasons to limit exposure to serious injury, death, lawsuits, etc.

Security for your merchandise & premises


Technology companies, jewelry & electronics stores, bicycle shops, high end apparel retailers: these are just a few examples of businesses that are routinely targeted by smash-and-grab thieves or forced entry through glass.  With tough, clear or tinted security film installed, your perimeter is protected against this sort of attack day and night by an invisible layer that effectively hardens the building envelope.  Denied a quick entry, thieves are more likely to look for a softer target than spend extended time and energy where the risk of capture is increased. 

Retrofit glass safety film

The human body impacting a panel of non-safety glass to the point of breakage is at serious risk for greivous injury or death. Obviously barefoot and swimsuit clad people would be at greater risk but where there is a pool there is more likely to be a slip and fall resulting in that broken glass.

Bullet impacts in glass at a light rail station. Broken and ready for replacement but the panel is still up and inside it's frame, sandwiched between two layers of tough, 7 mil thick security and graffiti protective film. No sharp glass fragments for the public to come into contact with.

Bullet holes in transit station glass
Storefront glass security
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