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Solar Control Tint

Excess heat gain in summer, heat loss in winter, eye strain due to glare and fading of merchandise or furnishings are all issues that can be mititgated with the proper application of solar control window tint.  Today's high performance films are miles ahead of what the industry had to offer just ten short years ago.


Ranging from clear to films to those that transmit just 5% of visible light and containing metals, ceramics and other proprietary ingredients, these cutting edge materials can actually be carbon negative, reducing more in carbon emissions over their lifespan than it takes to produce them.  


We have many films that are difficult to detect once they are installed.  Also, nearly every film we carry blocks 99% of ultraviolet rays decreasing the risks of skin cancer and eye problems such as macular degeneration and cataracts. 


Reflective films

For maximum heat rejection and thermal performance.


Dual reflective films

Reflecting more visible light outside than inside for excellent heat rejection and one way view control.


Low emissivity or Low E films

These films reflect the far infrared portion of the spectrum or latent heat being re-radiated from objects that have otherwise been heated such as concrete and ashphalt outside or walls and furniture inside.  This means summers are cooler keeping exterior heat outside and winters are warmer keeping interior heat inside.


Neutral color films

Preserving colors as close to original as possible.


Spectrally selective films

Transmitting maximum visible light while greatly reducing solar heat gain.  Used when heat is a problem but glare is not or when visible light levels are to be maintained.


Dark films

Reducing both glare and heat gain.


Contact us today to find out how we can put these advanced materials to work for you!


Types Of Tint Film
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