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Glass Vandalism Repair

Let our professional technicians evaluate your damaged glass

Scratches cut deep into glass destroy it's appearance.  The structural integrity of the glass is also compromised, with the damage becoming a weak area that any stress introduced to the glass will focus upon.  This glass will be much more likely to break due to impact, pressure differentials, thermal loading or a host of other causes. 


Not content with merely scratching lines in glass or spray painting, vandals are also using acid to etch the surface of glass. In such a case it is important to clean the glass thoroughly of the acid residue at the earliest opportunity, as the longer the acid remains on the glass the deeper it will etch into the surface, making repair more difficult and costly.  


We'll inspect and evaluate the damage on your glass and price it for repair. If the glass is not repairable or too costly to repair, we'll price it for replacement. Either way, you'll know you're getting the most cost effective solution and every avenue has been explored to resolve the issues. 


Glass Restoration FAQs


Bay Area communities graffiti abatement links


Graffiti resources & links


Bay Area city and county graffiti links & resources


Bay Area Community Rejuvenation Project


Half Moon Bay


San Jose


Daly City


South San Francisco




San Bruno


San Mateo


Redwood City


Palo Alto


Mountain View call 650-903-6767




Cupertino- graffiti removal from public properties, contact the Street Department at (408) 777-3344. For graffiti removal from private properties, contact Code Enforcement at (408) 777-3182


Santa Clara - Reporting - Eradication Program


Campbell (408) 866-2191





Union City





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Pleasanton Graffiti Hotline 925-931-5253




San Ramon- Graffiti located on private property is the responsibility of the property owner.  You can report graffiti by calling the Public Services Department at (925) 973-2800 or by completing a CRM service request.




San Leandro- Street Sweeping & Graffiti Removal (510) 577-3448










Walnut Creek




El Cerrito




Alameda County


San Mateo County -Public Works Graffiti Abatement Program (650) 312-5310


Contra Costa County - publicly owned property (925)313-7000. Privately owned property (925) 674-7210 or Toll Free at (877) 646-8314.


Solano County Crimestoppers




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Graffiti Resources & Links

Defacing America - research on vandalism and graffiti

Stop Urban Blight

San Francisco Mission District - The Thin Bright Line Between Art and Vandalism

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