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View Control/Decorative Window Films

Available in a variety of styles, patterns, shades and opacities, these films offer privacy, security and pleasing aesthetics. 

Frosted Window Film

Frosted window films give the stunning visual effect of an acid-etched or sand blasted window, without the expense of replacing the glass.  Available in a number of styles and opacities these films offer privacy, security & decoration, day & night.  They can be applied to an entire window pane,  a selected portion or cut to stripes, blocks or other designs.  Allowing maximum visible light transmission  with a pleasant appearance while offering privacy and the security that comes with it are these films strong points. 


White Opaque Film

When greater opacity and privacy than frosted films is needed this film is a great choice.  Much like white contact paper in appearance. 


Blackout Window Film

Blackout window film is a simple method of providing privacy and obscuring unsightly or unwanted views either into or out of a building.  Allowing zero light transmission, this film offers maximum privacy. 


One-Way Mirrored Window Film

Highly reflective mirrored films or perforated films can stop people looking in.  Dual reflective window films offer interior reflectivity that can be half of the reflectivity at the exterior making it difficult to see in and easier to see out. 


Visibility Patterns

Making glass visible and safe from risk of accidental collisions. From simple dots to squares, stripes, diamonds or other shapes can be used on entrances or internal glass partitions. 


Decorative Window Film

Stripes, dots, patterns, gradations, fabrics, papers and a host of other looks are available from this line of films.  Let us show you how a plain piece of glass can be transformed into an extraordinary partition, conveying a clean modern look. 


Anti Bird-Strike Film 

Stopping the propensity of birds to fly into glass by making the glass more visible to them.  Ornithologists estimate that up to 100 million birds are killed each year by collisions with windows. These collisions usually involve small songbirds and can be devastating to the local bird population. 


Colored Vinyl Film

Colored vinyl film can completely color a glass area. Used to support branding, block view or add a splash of color it can have a powerful effect on your corporate image. 

White Frost window film
Window visibility band
frosted and blackout films
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