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Residential Lobby Security & Privacy

Formerly we would see a sharp increase in demand from multi-unit residential managers for privacy window film from late October through the end of December, coinciding with holiday giving. The increase in urban theft and the convenience of online shopping with daily delivered packages all contribute to a year round security issue. Packages waiting for their recipients are a great lure and risk, with broken glass and stolen items too often the result. By installing a privacy film on glass the attraction of these items can be removed.

Five Approaches to Glass Privacy

Decorative Films

These films can allow high transfer of natural light through the glass or block it completely. They can be patterned, solid, white, black, or any color of the rainbow. The most commonly used is a budget friendly white frost film that allows a maximum of daylight through the glass while still allowing privacy. The film can be installed full height, partial height, or with clear borders to suit any location needs.

One way vision

This allows view out from interior spaces but blocks the view from the exterior. The films we typically use are highly reflective to the exterior and dark toward the interior. One way vision does rely on light control so it’s not always as straightforward as just installing a particular film. For more information about one way vision, see our blog :

Gradient films

These films typically have a very private and obscure edge, fading to clear as you move to the other side of the roll. When installed on glass horizontally they offer privacy at the bottom of the glass and a gentle transition to clear at the top. They can be pixelated, have nature scenes such as leaves of grass or branches, dots, stripes, or other features.

Custom printed films

These films can have your photos, logos, marketing messages, leasing contacts, designs, colors, gradients, or anything you can imagine or design on the film. They can be as light, dark, translucent, transparent or opaque, as you wish. The price point is a bit higher that off the shelf patterns or designs as you would expect.

Switchable film

This film is one of the newest window films, uses liquid crystal technology, and allows glass to be perfectly clear or appear as a white frosted film with the throw of a switch. It does require the services of an electrician for wiring and switching and the material is many times more expensive than traditional window films. This film uses only about three to five watts per ten square feet when switched to clear.

To preserve security and not attract property damage, sometimes controlling what can be seen is the best deterrent.


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